We depend on our team of dedicated tutors and school liaisons to help meet the academic needs of over 70 students in every elementary and middle school in the Ithaca City School District.  


Kolby Harrell

Executive Director

“I believe every child deserves access to quality academic support. My work in education nonprofits has included curriculum development, community organizing and youth advocacy — all with a focus on educational equity and improving outcomes for young people from marginalized communities.”

Board of Directors

Sheryl Goldberg, Chair
Ann Halpern, Education Advisor
Susan Barnett, Treasurer
Kathy Kelly, Secretary
Marty Kaminsky, Founder
Andrew Yale
Patty Kiely
Laura Andolina
Ann Sullivan
Elizabeth Einstein
Janet McCue
Robin Rosoff

Academic Advisors 

Dr. Wendy Williams
Cornell University, Department of Human Development
Emily Hess
Ithaca College, Department of Education